What's Whooptones?

Whooptones is the way to spice up your conversations on the phone. Inject virtually any PadToneTM with the press of your keys. And activate background ScenesTM that loop seamlessly through the call. It's a great way to shock, schmooze, amuse, and screw with your friends.

Pads and (Pad)Tones?

Tones are the sounds. Pads are virtual keypads that hold Tones on keys 0-9. Tones work great for inserting short sound bites and effects to power and punctuate your conversation. You can do everything from giving yourself the impressive introduction you deserve, to congratulating your friend with rousing applause. You can create and even share your own Tones and Pads, so just about anything is possible.

What about Scenes?

Scenes are the latest addition to Whooptones. They're looping background sounds that let you add some ambiance to your conversation. A Scene can be anything from your favorite music to the sounds of a bustling office or wild party. That's right...Scenes can sound so realistic that you can create the illusion that you're somewhere else. And just like Pads and Tones, you can easily create your own.

Using a Scene is easy... just activate a Scene before your call. When you call, your Scene will start before the ring and loop until you hangup.

Do they work together?

Yes, you can use Scenes with Pads/Tones. Mix them, mash them -- whatever you want.

How does this work?

When you place a call through Whooptones, our system listens for the keys that you press and replaces the tones you normally hear with the PadTones you select on Whooptones. It's that simple.

Who's responsible for this?

Spoonjack, LLC. We're a developer of innovative internet and telephony services that make life a little easier and a lot more fun. Our services entertain, educate, and inform. Feel free to contact us by email at info@spoonjack.com. We'd love to hear from you!