Whooptones Lets Users Pack the Power of Sounds Into Conversations Using Any Phone

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—November 28, 2006—Spoonjack, LLC today announced Whooptones -- an innovative new service that lets users inject sounds directly into their phone conversations simply by pushing the digits on their phone. Users can select sounds from Whooptones' online library or create and publish their own. Now anyone can power and punctuate their conversations with everything from baboons screaming, and people burping, to their favorite sound bites from sports, politics, TV and movies.

In addition to shocking, pranking, and amusing your friends, you can
- Coax someone into a date by meeting rejection with crowd jeers, and acceptance with crowd cheers
- Humor and educate your coworker with the latest 'Bushism'
- Taunt a friend about their favorite team's disastrous loss with clips from the game
- Quiz a friend with the help of theme music, buzzers, and bells
- Punctuate your words with thunder, applause, and falling bombs

"We're giving our users the tools, content, and community to pack the power of sounds into their everyday phone calls and voice mails, so that they can reach friends in ways they simply couldn't before," says Tom A. Scharfeld, President and Founder of Spoonjack, LLC. "Along with enabling users to evoke surprisingly powerful reactions from friends, Whooptones also provides a new way to share information: sounds from your travels, confusing noises your car is making, clips of your favorite music and so on. You can already deliver content in your email -- now you can do it in the middle of your conversations."

Browse, Create and Share Any Tone
Through http://www.whooptones.com, users can easily and quickly browse through Whooptones' library of user contributed tones. Once they find a tone they like, with a click, they can assign it to a key on their virtual keypad. Users can create an unlimited number of virtual keypads and easily switch between them in the middle of a call, giving them access to an unlimited number of tones.

Creating tones is just as easy. Users can upload sound files in any standard format from their hard drive or remote website. They can store an unlimited number of tones for their own personal use and publish any they want to share.

Make Calls Using Any Kind of Phone
Whooptones has no special software or hardware requirements and works with any fixed or mobile phone. To make calls, users dial Whooptones' toll-free access number, enter their pin, and then dial their friend. Using Whooptones' voice-dial feature, dialing out is as easy as just saying a friend's name. Once connected, users press any key to play their tones.

Users may register up to three phone numbers in their account and access all of their same contacts, pads, and tones from any of their registered phones.

Everyone on the Call Can Use Their Own Tones
Injecting sounds is not just limited to the one who placed the call. As long as everyone on the call is registered with Whooptones, they each have access to their own library of tones, enabling all sorts of raucous exchanges.

"We've added a new dimension to everyday phone calls and we're already seeing users do things we didn't expect," Scharfeld adds. "We're working hard to equip them with even more features, so we can't wait to see what they do next!"

Availability and Pricing
Whooptones is available now at http://www.whooptones.com. Users may choose from one of three blocks of prepaid minutes. Access and storage of sounds is unlimited. Users may also purchase Whooptones minutes as a gift. Whooptones will send the recipient a personalized gift-card email at a date and time the user specifies.

For additional information or a demonstration, please contact press (at) spoonjack.com.

About Spoonjack, LLC
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