People Create Illusion That They Are Anywhere They Want During Phone Calls with Scenes for Whooptones

San Francisco, CA—February 20, 2007—Spoonjack, LLC, today announced Scenes for Whooptones, the innovative new service that lets users inject any sound into their conversations on any phone. Scenes are looping background sounds that let users create the illusion that they are virtually anywhere they want to be. From the comfort of their room, car or kitchen, now they can sound like they are,
- at the airport about to board a flight,
- stuck on a busy highway with a flat,
- at the office, busier than ever, or
- schmoozing with friends at a party.
Users can use Scenes to back-up their story, set the mood, or simply amuse friends.

"Judging by preliminary feedback from our users, Scenes are useful and a lot of fun," said Tom A. Scharfeld, President and Founder of Spoonjack, LLC. "We've heard of users doing everything from masking unexpected and inappropriate sounds from their home-office with sounds of a bustling office, to fooling friends into thinking they're at the game with sounds of a cheering crowd. It's remarkable how a little innocent ambiance can evoke powerful reactions from others -- whether it's making them believe a story, or changing their mind!"

Use Scenes With Any Phone
Scenes work with any kind of phone, from home and work fixed-line phones to business and personal cell phones and smartphones. There are no special hardware or software requirements. Users simply activate a Scene at and then place a call. They can dial their destination through Whooptones' toll-free number, or initiate calls via click-to-call at The Scene is activated automatically and loops seamlessly throughout the call. Users can mute and unmute the Scene at their convenience.

Create Scenes From Any Sound
Users can select Scenes from Whooptones' online library, or they can create their own. They can upload or submit links to any sound file, or even record directly through their phone. Whooptones provides tools to easily convert raw sounds to smoothly looping Scenes. Users may also publish their Scenes for others to use.

Availability and Pricing
Scenes are available now at Users may choose from one of three blocks of prepaid minutes. Access and storage of sounds is unlimited. Users may also purchase Whooptones minutes as a gift. Whooptones will send the recipient a personalized gift-card email at a specified date and time.

For additional information or a demonstration, please contact press (at)

About Spoonjack, LLC
Spoonjack, LLC is a developer of innovative Internet and telephony services that make life a little easier and a lot more fun. Its services target entertainment, education, and information sectors. Spoonjack is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

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